PVC / EVA Custom-Made Bag

MOQ as low as 1,000 pcs per order. No retail/wholesale. Non-food-grade packaging.

Custom-Made PVC & EVA Packaging

· Cosmetic Packaging

·  Zip Lock Bag

· Comforter Bag

· Amenity Bag

· Traveling Bag

· Drawstring Bag

NCF Plastic Packaging

Custom-Made Plastic Bag Manufacturer Since 1986

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Final Step

Finalize with PO & full payment in order to deliver on time, usually within 2 week. No COD or partial payment terms acceptable.

Step 1

WhatsApp us the Qty, ETD & dimension of L x H x W of the packaging, better with similar photo as reference.

Step 2

We'll quote based on the best material that suitable for your packaging requirement.

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We're able to produce EVA/PVC packaging as demonstrated

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*EVA is a type of plastic that does not require a plasticizer and is BPA-free, so it is considered to be a safer alternative material.

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  1. Provide measurement in cm.
  2. Provide the thickness of the PVC film if possible.
  3. Provide relevant packaging photo if available.
  4. Confirm the quantity.
  5. Try the fastest way - WhatsApp inquiry.

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